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October 2022: My PhD thesis received the accessit prize of the French Physical Society for an “outstanding work”, see the communication here (in French).

September 2022: “Primordial Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background Anisotropies: in-in Formalization and Applications” published in JCAP, learn how to compute GWs anisotropies of primordial origin!

August 2022: Summer time, paper time! Enjoy reading the new “No-go Theorem for Scalar-Trispectrum-Induced Gravitational Waves” on arXiv:2207.14267 and do not forget to remain perturbative! (still in peer-review)

December 2021: “Inflationary flavor oscillations and the cosmic spectroscopy” out on arXiv:2112.05710, neat analogy with neutrino oscillations applied to inflation, a new perspective on the cosmological collider program! (still in peer-review)

Welcome! My name is Lucas Pinol, I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Instituto de Física Teórica UAM/CSIC (IFT) in Madrid, Spain.
I am working on the physics of the early universe.

Keywords: Research, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Inflation, Reheating, Multifield, Gravitational Waves, Primordial non-Gaussianities, Stochastic Formalism, IFT, Madrid, IAP, Paris

More precisely, I try to better understand the very first moments of the Universe by exploring the observational outcomes of inflationary scenarios motivated by high-energy physics. These models can include various kinds of particles (scalar fields, tensors, higher-spins) with generic interactions, of the potential or kinetic kind, amongst them but also with Standard Model and dark matter particles. The theoretical predictions can then be compared to actual observations (or absence of observation), such as the statistics of the Cosmic Microwave Background, primordial black holes, stochastic background of gravitational waves and its anisotropies, etc., thus constraining the possible masses, spins and interactions of the primordial fields.

The Universe is the most exciting laboratory for particle physics and gravity!

On this website, you can browse for my Research, see all my Publications, and have a look at my CV.

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